"This was the best massage treatment I have ever had because of her delicate touch and respect. Also, it was so long I really had the chance to relax. She is very talented as a massage therapist. I could feel the depth of understanding she has about her craft."

Louise Heddle

"What can I say...After one treatment with tash, my shoulder is already starting to feel better. It's been the first night in weeks I haven't woke up in agony. I will be recommending her to my friends and family. Once again thanks Tash"

Richard Burley​

"Fantastic treatment! Great Pressure, I feel relaxed and rejuvenated! Will be back for another treatment in the future. Thankyou!"


Gemma Law

"Excellent, very soothing, very dignified, very light but controlled which was surprisingly deep"

Clare Doyle

"The pace and pressure was perfect. I loved the care with which Natasha delivered the treatment and the way Natasha really paid attention to areas I'd mentioned - the neck work was amazing!"


"Three things I loved: Nurturing application of products - Perfect voice for meditation and a wonderful pace - Natasha's wonderful manar, approach and energy"

Steph Crosby

"Thouroughly enjoyed my session with Natasha, felt very comfortable and will definately be back! To sum up the whole experience - BLISSFUL!"

Veronica Lavers

“After I had cam impingement surgery on my hip, I recieved sports massage treatments with holistique which helped a lot in decreasing the pain when I walked, helping me to get back to running!”

Matthew Montgomery

"I have enjoyed every session that I've had with Natasha, she makes you feel very welcome and comfortable. I shall certainly be coming back"

Rob Richards

"I loved the treatment. Initial consultation was perfectly pitched - sensitive/attentive to my needs, reflecting back what was appropriate for me. Natasha - you were lovely. You made me feel totally loved for/important/central to the treatment."

Susan Leonard

"One Word = Perfect.

Perfect pressure, tempo, temperature, music. Everybody can be taught massage moves, but to touch and give as you do Natasha can not be taught, it comes from within and what a gift"

Jessica Adams

"Natasha has a beautiful rose filled feminine-like energy, but is so gently restorative. She is also purposeful and completely present. I loved this treatment from the moment she engaged me in a dialogue about my needs and how she could meet them. The delivery was so lovingly gentle yet purposeful, firm and re-assuring"

Amanda Philips

"I've been having treatments for shin splints. This treatment has worked. Highly recommended. Tasha knows her stuff!"

Suzi Rowe

"The most thorough and beneficial consultation I've ever had. I got lots of excellent advice, which I will try to adopt. Natasha was really lovely and made me feel at ease"

Maria Newman

"Natasha was the most skilled therapist I have ever had. She has a lovely touch for massage and an excellent attitude to the job. Warm, welcoming, explained treatment clearly"

Steph Jones-Giles

"I had an amazing experience and felt the whole treatment from start to finish was a perfect balance of professional and caring"

Leila Maza

"The treatment was amazing will definitely come again soon, it was everything I needed and wanted"

Amy Williams

"A personal thank you to Natasha. You were so kind and understanding. Thank you so much for listening and for all your advice. For one day I felt relaxed and supported"

Elizabeth Otter

"Absolutely perfect, best treatment yet!"

Carol Geddes